Monday Review: #TheDevilAspect #NetGalley



Author: Craig Russell

Publisher: Doubleday Books

Publication date: March 3, 2019

NetGalley Description:

My Review:

I loved first the sophisticated, polished writing style and even though I sort of guessed who the murderer was, I enjoyed the sleight-of-hand it took to get me to the reveal. Though it’s set in 1935 and the beginning of the rise of Nazism, the story has a decidedly Gothic feel—the old castle containing both an ancient and modern evil, the superstitious villagers, and the heroine with her dark, prophetic dreams. The parallel murder investigation going on in Prague is just as compelling as the interviews with the six murderers and how the author reconciles the two is fantastic. The Eastern European folklore aspect, and the references to Jung, deepen the story and balance out the more gruesome aspects.

Perhaps because the writing is so visual is why I also think this would make an excellent movie.

I enjoyed this book so much, I wish I could give it ten stars!


Thank you Net Galley and Doubleday Books!