Happy 2019!


After the countdown and the champagne, great expectations, resolutions, and blank pages remain…

Post the new promise of early 2018–a new job and creative directions–a traumatic fall in February brought all the momentum to a screeching halt. So 2019 is going to be heaped with all the good things I had to let go of temporarily and more. When I had my breath back and the pain and fear receded, I returned to work and writing and gardening. Like the man said, it’s going to hurt, but you’ll be okay in about a year. My bones broke, but didn’t crumble, right? I didn’t break my neck, my head or my spine, and my beloved is not coming up on the first anniversary of my death after enduring the holidays without me. His passion and dedication for journalism has been rewarded but has also taken a kicking. So we’re limping away from 2018 with gratitude.

Starting 2019 with a shiny new pile of books, both to review and to enjoy, new journals and pens, ideas for stories batting at my brain like demented cats.

Resolution: Write every day. Find a way and no excuses. 500 words minimum and if I’m blocked on one piece, go on to another. Work the reviewing muscles. More blogging.

Goal: Finish the post Civil War mystery novel in time for PitchWars for August of 2020. Develop the series story arc. Get those other stories past the 30,000 word mark.

Resolution: Work toward increasing blog followers on both blogs, reading and following more blogs, more social media–out rather than taking it all in.

Goal: My three book series, Heart and Haven, contemporary romantic suspense, has a new publisher after the old one closed. I’m hoping to rework and submit my historical romantic suspense novel and novella this year when rights return. Sell more books. I have a presence of about -100 on a scale of 1/10.

Resolution: Healthy eating and exercise. Use that Christmas Fitbit!

Goal: Twenty pounds before I see my PCP next in the fall 🙂

Resolution: Work some color and shape muscles–do a little drawing. I have an idea for a steampunk story involving tarot cards particular to this world, and they want to manifest on the page, too.

Goal: I’ve got the supplies–new sketchbook, pens and charcoal, pencils and pastels. I might go collage, though. Maybe once a week is all the time I have for it, but that’s better than nothing.

Resolution: Step back from politics watching. I have no control over the unfolding of events, except the power to vote.

Goal: Maybe that sick feeling in my stomach that’s been there since 2016 will go away. Probably not.

What I wish for you is that you stick to your resolutions, accomplish your goals, read all the books and write all the words, too. I wish you all peace and joy and happiness.




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