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Kaite Welsh

May 7, 2019

Pegasus Books


NetGalley Description:

“Edinburgh, 1893. Sarah Gilchrist has no intention of marrying her dull fiancé Miles, the man her family hope will restore her reputation and put an end to her dreams of becoming a doctor, but when he is arrested for a murder she is sure he didn’t commit, she finds herself his reluctant ally. Beneath the genteel façade of upper class Edinburgh lurks blackmail, adultery, poison, and madness, and Sarah must return to Edinburgh’s slums, back alleys, and asylums as she discovers the dark past about a family where no one is what they seem, even Miles himself.  It also brings her back into the orbit of her mercurial professor, Gregory Merchiston—he sees Sarah as his protege, but can he stave off his demons long enough to teach her the skills that will save her life? ”


Wow, blown away! I loved this book and would give it 10 stars if I could, and I can’t wait to read the first one—The Wages of Sin. The strong voice of Sarah Gilchrist kept me glued to the page. By the time I got through the backstory of the first novel, I was hooked.

Having survived rape, commitment to a madhouse, betrayal by a trusted mentor, Sarah is determined to move on with her plan to continue her studies at the University of Edinburgh to become a doctor of forensics. The women in this program are chaperoned at all times, held to different standards, and pretty much treated with contempt for daring to enter the male-dominated world of academics. Ugh, suffocating!

The only other bright-ish light in her world appears to be Gregory Merchiston, one of her professors. Brilliant and broken, he’s the only person in her life who sees her for herself, not some hysterical, subversive, unnatural woman fascinated by anatomy and poison.

Her mother’s schemes have trapped Sarah in an arranged marriage with Miles Greene. When the Greene’s maid, and then Miles’s father, die, Miles is accused and arrested. Lovely, complicated conflicts. Sarah likes Miles, though she doesn’t want to marry him, so the arrest is a bit of a relief. But she can’t stand by and let him be accused of and hanged for, a murder he didn’t commit.

Okay, I did guess who-dunnit, but how it all played out is what interested me!

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