I love word histories.

From EntymologyOnline

gray (adj)

“of a color between white and black; having little or no color or luminosity.” Old English graeg “gray” (Mercian grei), from Proto-Germanic *graewa–“gray” (source also of Old Norse grar, Old Frisian gre, Middle Dutch gra, Dutch graw, Old High German grao, German grau), with no certain connections outside Germanic. French gris, Spanish gris, Italian grigio, Medieval Latin griseus are Germanic loan words. The spelling distinction between the British grey and US gray developed 20th century.


First blog post

So, exciting, right? I’ve been putting this off while I built the blog itself up, cleared my head, cleared my desk, and…well, two out of three ain’t bad.

What am I, who am I? What’s the purpose of my blog, my blogging?

I write. Published, too, but I didn’t want this blog to be a book promotion site, not at this point. Besides, I’ve abandoned my genre for another, from romantic suspense to my first true love, historical mysteries. It’s a matter of getting back to it.

General and free writing. I’d like to join in on some wordpress daily and weekly blog prompts.

We travel and take tons of photographs, garden and such, so I’d like to take part in the weekly photo challenge.

There are some fiction blog hops that look interesting, and I’m hoping to grab some time for those.

And, last but not least, I will be working on book reviews, but as this is a new thing for me, so I won’t be taking review requests at this time.